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Introducing Poulsbo Fire CARES
Poulsbo Fire CARES embodies a comprehensive approach to community well-being, comprising a dedicated team of professionals adept in crisis intervention and community support. At its core, Fire CARES pairs a firefighter/EMT skilled in crisis management with a mental health professional, forming a multidisciplinary unit aimed at addressing behavioral health needs within the community. Dispatched through collaborative efforts between the Fire and Police departments, the Fire CARES team stands ready to provide essential support to individuals grappling with a spectrum of challenges, including chronic medical conditions, mental health issues, substance use disorders, and home safety concerns.

Fostering Connectivity and Community Engagement
Central to the mission of the CARES program is its commitment to facilitating connections between individuals and the appropriate resources and services, thereby mitigating the strain of non-emergency calls on local fire and police departments. Operating within the North Kitsap region, encompassing Poulsbo, Suquamish, Kingston, and Bainbridge Island, Fire CARES collaborates closely with educational institutions, agencies, and service providers to enhance accessibility to crucial care services.

Driving Improved Outcomes and Cost-Efficiency
With a track record of success, Fire CARES stands as a proven model that not only enhances individual outcomes but also yields cost-saving benefits. By reducing reliance on emergency response mechanisms and curbing unnecessary visits to emergency rooms, Fire CARES contributes significantly to optimizing resource allocation while ensuring that individuals with barriers to care receive the support they need.

A Commitment to Community Well-Being
Grounded in a steadfast commitment to community service, the Fire CARES team prioritizes the holistic well-being of individuals across all age groups, from youth to seniors. Crucially, these invaluable services are offered to those in need without any financial burden, exemplifying a commitment to equitable access to care and support.

In essence, Poulsbo Fire CARES epitomizes a proactive and compassionate approach to addressing behavioral health needs within the community, serving as a beacon of support and resilience for all individuals it serves.

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Meet the CARES Team

Dave Musselman, Firefighter/EMT 

Dave is a firefighter with 25 years of dedicated service with the Poulsbo Fire Department, possessing more than 30 years of invaluable fire experience. His professional journey has been enriched with diverse engagements, including spearheading initiatives such as Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention, Characterization Education for School Age Children, serving as a BLS Peer Review Liaison, fulfilling the role of Public Relations Coordinator for Kitsap County Professional Fire Fighters, and launching the innovative Fire CARES program at Poulsbo Fire. Dave’s tenure underscores his profound commitment to community welfare, highlighted by his genuine compassion for assisting individuals and enhancing community well-being. He brings an unparalleled compassionate spirit to his role in Fire CARES, ensuring the continued advancement of public safety and community outreach initiatives.

JULIE ROGERS, MSW, LICSW – Lead Community Support Specialist

Julie brings a wealth of expertise as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in integrative health and mental health. With a seasoned career spanning 17 years, she has seamlessly navigated diverse roles in public mental health, educational settings with at-risk adolescents, child welfare, private therapeutic practice, crisis intervention, and co-response within emergency medical systems.

Julie’s strategic focus on de-escalation, risk and safety assessments, needs assessments, and service navigation/resource connection underscores her dedication to holistic well-being. As a certified crisis intervention team coordinator, she demonstrates leadership in fostering critical community partnerships and relationships, addressing the escalating demand for effective community responses to behavioral health crises.

Jayvin LeBlanc, MSW, LSWAIC – Community Support Specialist

Jayvin is a dedicated professional with a Master’s degree in Social Work attained in 2019, supplemented by five years of practical experience within the realm of social work, commencing in 2015. Her expertise spans various domains including public mental health systems, crisis intervention, victims services, and family child and family therapy within wrap-around service teams.

With a profound belief in the potential for recovery, Jayvin advocates for the provision of both opportunity and resources to foster meaningful connections. She remains committed to empowering individuals by facilitating access to vital support systems, thereby catalyzing positive transformations within communities.

Andy Plenge, Paramedic

Lt. Travis Beach, Paramedic

Lt. Josh Warter, Paramedic

James Pratt, EMT

Josh France, EMT