Station 76

Our future Station 76 will be constructed on the Viking Avenue corridor at 19145 Viking Ave NW.

This new station will reduce emergency response times to the west side of the City of Poulsbo and the Scandia/Keyport area by several minutes.

The new station will also reduce response times throughout the fire district as the need for units from other stations to respond to this area will decrease, improving their reliability for emergency response.

We are pleased to announce that Carletti Architects and TRICO have been selected to complete the design build for our new Station 76 on Viking Avenue. We look forward to engaging with the community as this process moves forward. If you would like to be included on a distribution list which sends out routine Station 76 updates, please email your name and email address to: crobideaux@poulsbofire.org

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns about this project please feel free to email your fire chief directly at jgillard@poulsbofire.org

It is our goal to have Station 76 constructed and staffed by the end of 2024.

*Please note, that conceptual drawings do not depict final design specifications, paint colors, etc.

Main Floor Plan